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The Cave Painting is an allegorical novel exploring the intelligent design/evolution debate. With special emphasis on contemporary intelligent design theory the novel, together with comprehensive end notes, highlights the key shortcomings of current evolutionary theories in explaining the origin of specified complex things, whether they be cave paintings, or, by analogy, human beings. The fully documented end notes not only provide a thorough criticism of Darwinism but also detail the many scientific arguments for design. The book will appeal not only to those who simply seek to be entertained, but also to those who wish to deepen their understanding on how best to answer one of the greatest questions of all: Where do we come from?

The Cave Painting: A Parable of Science | Paperback

SKU: 0020
  • Roddy Bullock is a degreed engineer (BSME) and a licensed attorney (JD). Focusing on the evidentiary support for theories of human origins, he frequently contributes material to Creation Reformation, an organization dedicated to exposing the flaws of natural selection and the truth of God's creation.

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