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Methodically stepping through a series of ten sequential inquiries, the author explores the evidentiary basis for explanations of human origins. Original arguments and unique insights systematically reveal the flaws of natural selection and build the logical and rational case for believing that humans were created by God in his image according to the Genesis account.


Scientific evidence confirms, as Romans 1:20 affirms, that God's eternal power and divine nature are clearly seen and understood in the world by what has been made. Those who suppress this truth stand without excuse for not glorifying and giving thanks to God as the creator of all things.


Without Excuse: Evidence for Creation by God | Paperback

SKU: 0001
  • Roddy Bullock is a degreed engineer (BSME), a licensed attorney (JD), and author of The Cave Painting: A Parable of Science. Focusing on the evidentiary support for theories of human origins, he frequently contributes material to Creation Reformation, an organization dedicated to exposing the flaws of natural selection and the truth of God's creation.

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